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"Ok get all the cuts on a cd and I will buy one. This is my kinda jazz......Congratulations to you and the group, the singer is fantastic" Brenda Mac Mullen Budd ( Radio Host Montreal Q.C. )

"Amazing, great feel, you guys are pro! : ) That "So Funky What" is a good one too...

Highly recommended!"  Nowick Gray

"That was sweet, thanks! " Marshall Baer

  "Jazzy cool, guys! When is your next gig?" Margaret Rose

"Tasteful, cool, smooth and funky, the way I like it." Brad Hawkes

"Is that Nora Jones" Danny Copper

"Totally rad soul brutha;-) " Hon Soulo Chow 

"Wow, sweet sounds!" Fritz Schulze

"Awesome! " Linda O'Connor

"Sounds good guys - even though I am a bit biased! "Vera Platonow Gibson

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